Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry for lack of posts. I've been super busy! So going to LPSC in Houston was a bit of a vegan flop... as soon as I got there I realized I'd pretty well be starving if I didn't make some concessions. I ended up just delaying veganism for a week. however I've been back on the bandwagon since Saturday, almost one week now, and things are going great! I'm still having some issues with impulse eating cookies and things that people might happen to offer me. I'm having to teach myself to turn down most of the delicious dishes that people bring into the office once or twice a week. Bummer!

Aside from that it's going well. I have made it past the dreaded six day difficult period, and I no longer feel like I'm craving cheese all of the time. I'm about to go to the fair grounds for a craft fair so we'll see how I do there... I do love funnel cake...


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